Reporting to:Board of Directors
Line Manages:Pending restructure
Place of Work:Home & varying locations across Surrey for in person activities
Salary:Initially, voluntary We will work together to create funding bids with aim of funding FTE roles and freelanced interactions.
Conditions:An initial 6 month probationary period will be set upon appointment. Continued appointment to the role will be subject to achieving KPI’s.

General Summary

After four years of fantastic achievements & growth, we’ve realised it’s time to get ready for the future. Toward the end of 2022, our company created a vision for how Blossom LGBT CIC will look within the next 5 years, this starts with a fresh executive director team & rebrand.

Each of our directors focuses on a particular area of the organisation.

You’ll take over the management of the groups, events, and activities relevant to your role. This will require you to be onsite at venues across Surrey (Currently Woking & Guildford) or find appropriate cover when you’re unavailable.

We’re looking for talented individuals to join us “at the top of the tree” to shape and conduct key areas of our organisation. We’ll work collaboratively to introduce our new structures, improve our internal processes, and start creating paid opportunities for those involved in our organisation. Whilst you’ll work collaboratively with our managing director to take care of the overarching organisational direction, you’ll have control over your designated area with the ambition to insert a fresh point of view, create opportunity, and reach a wider audience.

It’s important to identify you’ll be listed as an official director on companies house so it’s imperative that you understand the implications of this and are prepared for the responsibility.

Role Specific Summary

Queer Expression workshops provide a space for LGBTQ+ people to explore their identity and community. As the director of social sober spaces, you’ll be responsible for managing the sustainability and ongoing growth of our LGBTQ+ meeting spaces.

We currently operate a high-performing LGBTQ+ Art workshop on a monthly basis in Guildford along with a fantastic performing arts workshop that still needs to find its audience. we’d love to see some new faces & explore how we can make the group more exciting.

You can read more about the director role including person specification by clicking here.

You should email your cover letter & CV to Oscar@Blossom.LGBT.