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At Blossom LGBT CIC we’re here to support businesses to create an inclusive, equitable, and diverse internal culture. We believe in inclusive cultures that are long-lasting and powerful. We also know that creating change within a business is hard. Especially when you’ve not considered ED&I functions within your work previously. It can be really hard to start making change, and even more difficult to keep up the momentum. That’s why we’re here!


We’re proud to have a small yet passionate group of intersectional LGBTQ+ corporate change makers. All of which have a proven track record of creating powerful & tangible change in workplaces, resulting in better outcomes for LGBTQ+ people. This group works hard to create realistic and achievable visions of how LGBTQ+ inclusive ED&I work will look in businesses of all shapes and sizes.

We create bespoke packages for organisations depending on what you require and where you are on your journey toward creating an inclusive workplace. It doesn’t matter if it’s your first time dipping your toes into equity, diversity, and inclusion work, or if you have established work but need support with direction. We can provide research-driven personalised strategies for implementing ED&I regardless of budgets. Likewise, we offer powerful learning opportunities that meet your organisation’s needs.


Hourly Support

Flat rate: £50 per hour

Regardless of what you need, we can support you with advice & guidance around any LGBTQ+ related topic. We’ve spoken about new systems the info needed in policies, and how to support staff.

We can also provide support to LGBTQ+ staff.

Content Reviews

Flat Rate: £150 per 5 pages

We’ll review documents and it’s content for good practice language, processes, and systems. We’ll provide you with a report of our findings and advice on implementing changes.

Annual Advice & Guidance

Flat rate: £5,000 We can work together on an annual basis for Included:
  • Content review of all key D&I policies.
  • Up to 12 hours of advice & guidance.
  • One 60 minute training.
  • 20% discount on all additional packages.

Design & Implement

Priced depending on your needs, we can use our expertise in workplace ED&I to create processes, systems, and documents that help to embed LGBTQ+ inclusive cultures. In the past we’ve created reverse mentoring schemes, set up LGBTQ+ inclusive monitoring systems, and launched staff networks.

Inclusive workplaces are a science

We’ve perfected a structure for creating inclusive workplaces. Through working with industry-leading ED&I managers, established workplace change-makers, and community leaders. We’ve identified key pillars to creating change that really works. These pillars are research, strategy, teaching, and making change. We’re an expert in these areas so that you don’t need to be.



Change can only come when we know the background. Creating change needs to be based on evidence. It’s important for us to know who is in your organisation, as well as what they experience whilst they are at work. We’ll focus on the voices that are often most unheard, and sometimes voices that aren’t even there – yet. Regardless of how you research forms part of the project we do together, we have the know-how to direct evidence gathering and insight. This gives you invaluable insight into your workplace. It will also help you to create impactful measures to the progress of your work.



Before you look to start creating any kind of change, it’s important you have a strategy, surprisingly, almost all projects fail at (or before) the 90% completion mark. Therefore, making sure you have robust strategies, that really target what and who needs to see change will inevitably make sure you truly create inclusive workspaces. We’ll work with you to develop strategies that truly reflect the change you want. We know what truly successful strategies look like, and we’ll make sure yours is one of them.



Our expert team will host a unique set of workshops for people within your workplace to support key stakeholders to buy into your plans, strategy and start striving for change. We believe that one of the best ways to create meaningful changes is to ensure everyone understands why the change is so important. Historically We’ve hosted workshops around race-focused microaggressions, the impact of inaccessible spaces, and LGBTQ+ awareness.

We favor ongoing relationships that take a broad approach to projects, however, we are also available to offer one-off training engagements, available here.



Once you’ve created a hunger and drive for change, it’s time to focus on what really matters. The change itself. We’ll support you to create, implement, and monitor the systems and processes agreed within your strategy. This may look like reviewing communications, supporting with meaningful analysis of staff monitoring, or implementing inclusive recruitment procedures that truly attract the best diverse talent.

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