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7 Jun

Young Voice: Kade On Pride Month

As a young queer person, coming out was a terrifying concept to me, often times believing that my identity was something that should be hidden, however, pride month is a reminder to most that our identity is not one of shame, and we should be proud of who were are.


27 Mar

Stepping up as an authentic queer leader

Leadership might feel a long way off, but perhaps leadership is far more than titles & something we can all role model.


12 Mar

Decolonisation: Marginalised Voices in Queer History Month!

DECOLONISATION: MARGINaLISED VOICES IN QUEER HISTORY MONTH! Reading Time: 5-10 MinsCategory: Queer; DecolonisationAuthors: Steph and Rukmini The overwhelming presence of white queerness in the media, along with the existence of queer spaces that often exclude people of colour, creates a culture where queer representation mainly mirrors white experiences, rendering the experiences of QTPOCs as abnormal […]


1 Jan

What’s new in 2024 | Hear from our CEO

The QUEENS SPEECH A very happy new year from the entire team at Blossom LGBT CIC! We can’t believe how amazing 2023 was and how far we’ve come! Here’s what’s in store for 2024…


20 Nov

Trans Day of Remembrance: Honouring, Acknowledging, Changing

Transgender Day of Remembrance: Honouring Lives, Acknowledging Challenges, and Promoting Change Reading Time: 5-10 Mins Category: Trans Author: Steph (He/Him) In the tapestry of annual commemorations, Transgender Day of Remembrance (TDOR) stands as a poignant and necessary thread, weaving through the calendar on the 20th of November each year.   This solemn occasion transcends the ordinary: […]


11 Oct

Supporting Our Team: Donate to Our 2023 Fundraiser

We're fundraising to furnish a studio space for the next 12 months for our team and the wider LGBTQIA+ community. We can only do this with your help.


6 Oct

Statement: Trans people are safe at Blossom

Blossom LGBT CIC is appalled by the recent comments made during the Conservative Conference that undermine the rights and dignity of transgender individuals. We feel compelled to address these comments and reiterate our unwavering commitment to trans inclusivity.


5 Oct

Supporting trans loved ones & colleagues: 5 kind ways to check in.

Supporting trans loved ones is crucial in the current tough political climate we find ourselves in. Here's five ways you can kick off a conversation to check in.


4 Oct

Blossom LGBT Joins calls to respect the lives of LGBTQIA and Women Migrants

Blossom LGBT CIC has joined forces with Stonewall, the world's largest LGBTQ+ charity, and over 245 other esteemed organisations representing human rights, refugee, LGBTQ+, and women's advocacy sectors. Together we are using our voices with the aim of seeking to address a pressing issue that threatens the fundamental principles of equality and asylum rights.


17 Aug

Blossom Receives Generous Grant from the National Lottery Community Fund to Empower LGBTQ+ Youth in the Workplace

Blossom Receives Generous Grant from the National Lottery Community Fund Reading Time: 5 MinsCategory: NewsAuthor: Oscar Hoyle Blossom LGBT CIC Is excited to announce that we will be receiving a generous grant from the National Lottery Community Fund. The funds will be used to empower LGBTQ+ young adults to succeed in Work and Education. Blossom […]


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