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Friends, Allies, and the wider LGBTQ+ Community,

We are reaching out to you with an urgent appeal to support our LGBTQ+ social group. We have less than two weeks to find and cover the costs of a new venue. We need your support in crowdfunding to ensure the ongoing survival of this essential community space.

For over five years, our LGBTQ+ social group has provided a safe and welcoming space for individuals of diverse backgrounds to come together every Tuesday, even during the pandemic where we ran online. We have shared stories, laughter, tears, and triumphs, forming a resilient and united family. Unfortunately, last night we were informed that the Woking Borough Council had given us seven working days to find a new venue, the cost of which is over half of our annual income, due to the sale of the venue we currently run our space from. We turn to you, our incredible supporters, to help us overcome this challenge and keep our doors open.

By donating to our crowdfunding campaign, you can directly contribute to preserving the strength and unity of LGBTQ+ young adults in Woking. Your generosity will make a significant impact by enabling us to secure an affordable new venue for Tuesday evenings, where we can continue fostering inclusivity, community, strength, and action.

Your contribution will not only help us cover the cost of a new space but make a long-lasting impact on the lives of those we welcome with open arms. From supportive conversations over coffee to sharing vital information about queer sexual health, each pound donated will go toward ensuring a seamless transition and providing a high-quality experience for our community members. Beyond our work in our social spaces, through our awareness campaigns, workshops, and community events, we will continue to advocate for inclusivity and create a broader impact.

Your donation today will preserve a lifeline for many LGBTQ+ young adults. Our social group serves as a beacon of hope, offering a sense of belonging, validation, and support. By rallying together and donating to our cause, you can directly influence the lives of those who depend on this vital resource.

Join us in saving our LGBTQ+ social group by making a donation today. Every contribution, no matter the amount, will help us reach our goal and ensure the future of our community.

On behalf of our LGBTQ+ social group, we extend our heartfelt appreciation for your support. Even if you cannot support us financially, please share our campaign widely with your network, and together, let's safeguard this inclusive space for self-discovery, connection, and celebration of our diverse community.

Remember, your support makes all the difference!

Statement From Our CEO

Dear allies and supporters of Blossom LGBT CIC,

I write to you today with a heavy heart, filled with a mixture of desperation and hope. Our beloved LGBTQ+ social group for young adults has recently faced an unimaginable challenge. With only seven working days' notice, we were evicted from our venue due to a sale we were not made aware of, leaving our vibrant community space in a state of uncertainty and disarray. This comes after months of hard work by our entire team to revitalise and reestablish our services after a rocky few months internally. We're resilient and powerful but there comes a point where we know we need to ask for your help.

In this moment of crisis, we turn to you, for the support and solidarity that has defined our LGBTQ+ community for generations. We urgently need your help to save our social group from disappearing altogether. Our crowdfunding campaign has been launched as a lifeline to ensure the survival of this invaluable space that has been a sanctuary for countless young individuals seeking connection, understanding, and a sense of belonging. We never enjoy asking for donations and do everything we can to fund our work through grants but sadly these often take a minimum of 12 weeks to be judged and have historically taken up to six months, we have seven days. It's our ethos that our services should always remain free and never place a financial burden on our members.

The sudden eviction has left us shaken, scrambling to find a new venue that can accommodate our diverse needs. The time constraints and financial burden are frankly overwhelming, especially as an organisation run totally by volunteers, but we refuse to let our community suffer. We are determined to rebuild, and ensure our members do not feel pain of a difficult situation. I know our fantastic team of social space facilitators will ensure the move to a new venue in seamless & compassionate whilst continuing to provide exceptional listening and advice to our members.

Your donation, no matter the amount, will make an immediate impact. It will provide the financial resources we need to secure a new venue within a limited timeframe, ensuring that our LGBTQ+ social group can remain the safe and inclusive space that it needs to be. It will give our young adults a place to be themselves, where they can find solace, understanding, and support.

We ask you to lend a helping hand during this critical moment. Your contribution will go towards securing a new venue, covering relocation costs, and ensuring that our mission to create environments where LGBTQ+ young adults can succeed in all aspects of their social and professional lives continues.

But our request extends beyond financial assistance. We need your voice, your advocacy, and your passion to spread the word about our crowdfunding campaign. Share our story with friends, family, and colleagues, igniting a spark of compassion and awareness in every person you reach. Together, we can create a wave of change that will enable our LGBTQ+ social group to rise again, stronger than ever.

Please understand the profound impact your support will have on the lives of countless LGBTQ+ young adults who depend on this social group for solace, validation, and a sense of community. For many, it is the only place where they can truly be themselves without fear or judgment. With your help, we can provide them with the refuge they so desperately need.

I stand before you today, humbled and hopeful, knowing that our community has always been defined by resilience and unwavering support. I truly hope we can come together once again, rallying around our LGBTQ+ social group. Donate to our crowdfunding campaign, share our story, and be a beacon of hope for our young adults who are searching for a safe space. Let us rebuild, not just the walls of a venue, but the very resilience and wellbeing of queer young adults across Surrey.

With heartfelt gratitude,

Oscar Hoyle
CEO, Blossom LGBT CIC.


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