Every day. All the time. No exceptions.

According to Stonewall UK’s 2018 LGBT in Britain Report, just over half of all black, Asian and minority ethnic LGBT people (51 per cent) report experiencing discrimination or poor treatment within their local LGBT network because of their ethnicity. This number rises to three in five black LGBT people (61 per cent). We strongly believe this is not ok.

Blossom LGBT CIC is committed to creating an environment where Black, Asian and minority ethnic communities can thrive. More than just creating an equal space, we believe in creating an equitable and just space for all marginalised communities. We have taken and continue to take active steps to remove barriers for LGBTQ+ people of colour in engaging with Blossom LGBT CIC as a service provider and as a volunteer recruiter. Instead of being a reflection of the often colonised and racist LGBTQ+ community, we believe in creating an LGBTQ+ community that values diversity. We have a long way to go but are incredibly proud to be working hard in this area.

What have we already done?
Blossom LGBT CIC has already achieved a number of key targets to improve the race equitable outcomes of our work. These include (but are certainly not limited to):

  • Creating our internal Race Equity Vision within 2 months of launching our service.
  • Actively used (and continue to use) our social media platform to share de-colonised LGBTQ+ history including pointing to historical black and Asian LGBTQ+ activists and information about communities such as Hijras and two-spirit identities.
  • Clear & honest information about black and Asian trans history, additional barriers to people of colour within the community, and sharing of profiles of people of colour within our parent’s group.
  • Established connections with organisations and activists that prioritise race equity including Surrey Minority Ethnic Forum and BLM Woking.
  • Team wide education on the importance of race equity.

What are we committed to doing?

Although already taking steps to be race equitable we are not content! We believe and identify that there could be barriers to accessing our services and volunteering with us and that it is up to us to solve. We commit to doing a number of additional things to do this:

  • Introducing volunteer roles within our structure specifically designed to create race equitable outcomes.
  • Research finds significant barriers to volunteering and engaging with LGBTQ+ groups for a lot of people of colour can be financial. We will start to include access costs in funding bids which will be specifically designated for LGBTQ+ people with multiple marginalisations.
  • Continue to work on decolonisation efforts through the information we share.
  • Make an active effort to reach out and advertise our service in spaces that are more likely to reach black and Asian LGBTQ+ people.
  • Make an active effort to reach out and platform LGBTQ+ people of colour in external engagements.
  • Ensuring that suitable and non-tokenistic activities are introduced across our groups that educate people on and celebrate black and Asian cultures.