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WORKPLACE change makers

Our short programme for making change at work.


We use our collective 20+ years of LGBTQ+ inclusion & change making to bring you one of the most positively received and tangible workplace staff empowerment courses.

Our Becoming a Workplace Change Maker (previously called Blossom Change Makers) package is perfect for any diverse employee, not just LGBTQ+, and teams dedicated to creating inclusive cultures. Since it’s launch in 2021, it’s been one of our most popular training packages amongst LGBTQ+ people. The purpose of this package is to support you and your colleagues to stand up as change makers. We’ll provide learners with tangible professional and change making skills that they’ll use in their everyday work.

The programme is useful for anyone who is part of a marginalised community and allies who already have a base understanding of what it means to be marginalised. Throughout this package, we’ll support you to be able to inspire change in the workplace, create a culture where inclusion is at the forefront, and improve communication skills.

the programme

Our change makers programme can be delivered either as a full day programme delivered in person or online, two half days delivered online, or split into five monthly hour long sessions delivered online. We suggest groups of 25 or less for this training so that learners get the most out of the sessions. However, we will run the sessions for a maximum of 50 people. The programme hits on the following key areas:

  • What is a change maker
    In this section, we will identify the basics of making change for marginalised people, and how change-making might look at work. We’ll explore what good change makers look like. 
  • What are Personal Values
    Determining your values is a great way to support you when you have to make tough decisions at work, in life, and on your change-making journey. Deciding how your future actions can meet your personal values helps you hold your head up high, even in difficult circumstances.
  • Power, Privilege, & Intersectionality 
    We are all multi-faceted, just because we face a level of marginalisation in one area doesn’t mean we are marginalised in all areas of our life. In this section, we explore who we are as a whole, what aspects of our identity give us power, and how we can use those to create better circumstances for all. 
  • Active listening
    Here we look at active listening and what it means to truly listen. We do this because it’s important that when (and before) we create change we understand how it impacts those around us. It also helps us to deal with objections or barriers. 
  • Difficult questions 
    Here we look at how you can use the bridging technique to take a difficult question and create a positive opportunity to share information. This can be particularly helpful for those in sales roles also. 
  • Business Cases
    Business cases are how you put information across to other people and advocate for change.

The training also consists of eight different practicals to get you practicing & thinking about your mission to make change.




We charge minimum of £250 for customisations by request.


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    Just a note

    During this course we won't comment on the specifics of your workplace. Delegates need to use their own understanding of the workplace to decide when it's safe & appropriate to create change.

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