Have you got a message people need to hear?!

Our blog welcomes LGBTQ+ people and allies to use our platform to write about something that’s important to them! You could write about your work, share your successes, or just write about something that you’re passionate about. 

Once you’re happy with your writing, simply complete the form below and it’ll get sent to our team. We’ll double check the content is in line with our commitments then post it. We like to try and spread posts out so it might not be published straight away.

Whatever you do, don’t forget this content will be public! It’s important you get consent from people you name in the blog. 

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Blossom LGBT CIC tries our best to publish every submission we get, however, we have to make sure that what you write aligns with our vision for an inclusive future. If you submit posts that might be upsetting for some people to read (including content that might trigger people, even if its inclusive) then we might not be able to publish it. We also might not be able to publish content that might harm our ability to raise funds or attract new members.

We’ll usually send you an email to let you know once the articles been published or if we cant publish it. If you don’t hear from us straight away; it doesn’t mean we’ve chosen not to submit your article.

Blossom LGBT may also share your blog posts across our social media. Once you’ve submitted an article to us, we’ll try to work it into our social media plans but we can’t always garentee we’ll be able to share everything.

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