At Blossom LGBT, we strive to create safe, inclusive spaces and life skill classes for young adults where they can be their authentic selves without fear of discrimination or judgment. We started Blossom to bridge the gap between youth and adult services, providing a middle ground to ensure no one is left behind.

Originally named ‘Rainbow Citizens’ in 2018. We launched with the original aim of providing a global online safe space through creating open spaces with an online forum. Throughout the first year, it became clear to us that to make a true change it would be better to focus on supporting their local community. Therefore in 2019, they rebranded to Blossom LGBT with the goal of providing safe sober spaces across Surrey, England. In 2021 we took our commitment to Blossom further by officially registering as a Community Interest Company (CIC) with companies house.

Today we run various different amazing projects, each of them with a different focus and goal. Our social groups, both in-person and virtual, allow our members to chat and take part in a range of different fun activities which change from week to week. Our groups aim to ensure that the young adults within both our local and wider community can access a space where they can keep up with friends. Our bi-weekly parent group provides support and answers to parents who have a child within the LGBTQ+ community. Our monthly art workshop, facilitated by amazing local artists, encourages people to express their own identities through different forms of art. This safe space offers a creative outlet to people within our local community, developing art projects which will be on display at our upcoming art exhibition.

We’ve also achieved a significant amount of public awareness-raising and events! Check out some pictures of our favorites below:

We’re also committed to intersectional inclusion

A key consideration of Blossom LGBT CIC is to create a truly inclusive environment. Part of that is through commitments to be race equitable, disability-inclusive, and trans-inclusive. Despite being a trans-founded and led organisation and run by a majority of women and minority genders we recognise that it doesn’t exempt us from being discriminatory and as such make a significant effort to create an inclusive space. We want Blossom LGBT CIC to be an accurate representation of the entire LGBTQ+ community.