We believe in partnerships with organisations who buy into our vision that “together, we can create environments where LGBTQ+ young adults can succeed in all aspects of their social and professional lives.” For us, this means creating meaningful partnerships that generate positive outcomes in your workplace, for your stakeholders & within the community work that we do.


Beyond being a fantastic opportunity for you to visibly establish yourself as a champion of LGBTQ+ young adults,  we see this as a way to collaborate, share, and mutually benefit from a society that truly values LGBTQ+ peoples contributions. 


Ethical Partnerships

It might seem weird that a not-for-profit is choosing to turn down partnerships, right?! But, we believe in a world that is equitable & creates a future that allows all LGBTQ+ people to prosper. For this reason, we’ve made the decision not to partner with organisations that disproportionately have a negative impact on the lives of minoritised people, this includes weapons manufacturers, organisations whose primary focus is the manufacturing or sales of fossil fuels, or organisations that can be directly linked to modern-day slavery (including outside of the UK).  However, we also know that LGBTQ+ people choosing to work in these organisations should still be able to thrive so you can still access our bespoke work here.



Sponsor work growing, nurturing, and empowering local creative talent through open-access workshops & mentoring schemes.


Sponsor our work providing peer-to-peer LGBTQ+ space to create community, have fun, and make meaningful connections.


Sponsor our mentoring, education, and intern programme empowering young LGBTQ+ adults to improve their confidence and up-skill leading to them accessing longer-lasting & meaningful employment.


Support our wider work to support the amazing things that LGBTQ+ people can achieve when they are empowered to succeed without the fear of discrimination.


We believe that partnerships should be considered on a case by case basis and we’d always prefer to chat about what you’d see as good value from working together. To give you an idea of how a partnership might look, we’ve suggested the following packages.


In return for your sponsorship between £1000 and £2000 you’ll receive:

  • Your logo on all related comms and marketing for at least 12 months.
  • A personal PR statement you can share from our senior leadership team.
  • In-house delivery of one of our 60-minute lunch and learn.
  • Two hours of bespoke advice and guidance (or participation in a panel or D&I engagement) from our leadership team.
  • 25% off all of our business services.
  • Be the first to learn about new initiatives that we run.

In return for partnerships from £2000 – £5000 you’ll receive:

  • All of the above
  • Your logo on resources specific to the sponsorship agreement (such as printed on aprons or workbooks).
  • Up to one hour a month of bespoke advice and guidance from our senior leadership team.
  • In-house delivery of one of our half-day workshops led by a senior leader.
  • Direct contact access to our CEO or/and a senior leader of your choosing.
  • One-off & ongoing volunteer opportunities for your staff.

Partnerships that are valued over £5000 will be bespoke for your organisation but could include: 

  • Bespoke consultancy work.
  • Bespoke document creations.
  • Direct support for your ERG chairs.
  • An ongoing in-house development scheme.
  • Public workshop & fundraising events collaboration.


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