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6 Oct

Statement: Trans people are safe at Blossom

Blossom LGBT CIC is appalled by the recent comments made during the Conservative Conference that undermine the rights and dignity of transgender individuals. We feel compelled to address these comments and reiterate our unwavering commitment to trans inclusivity.


5 Oct

Supporting trans loved ones & colleagues: 5 kind ways to check in.

Supporting trans loved ones is crucial in the current tough political climate we find ourselves in. Here's five ways you can kick off a conversation to check in.


13 Mar

Neurodiversity Celebration Week

Today marks the start of Neurodiversity celebration week and as a neurodiverse person myself, I figured it’s time for a new blog post!


6 Mar

A War on Drag?

Are we really seeing a war on drag or are we seeing a recyled attach on LGBTQ+ people using the same narratives we've heard before?


20 Feb

Training to support each other! Our fantastic allyship course!

There’s a tonne of things you can do to create LGBTQ+ inclusive cultures but if the people within your organisation aren’t moving in the same direction then it’s unlikely that you’ll be getting anywhere fast.


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