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Author: Oscar Hoyle
So you’ve started creating and embedding LGBTQ+ inclusion within your workplace and it’s culture, the policies and processes are in place but you’re not seeing results, it might be that your next port of call is LGBTQ+ Allyship training. There’s a tonne of things you can do to create LGBTQ+ inclusive cultures but if the people within your organisation aren’t moving in the same direction then it’s unlikely that you’ll be getting anywhere fast.

In their blog post ‘The case for allyship at work‘ Meta (the owners of Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp) state that ‘33% of employees who perceive bias feel alienated at work, something that’s certain to damage morale’. Having active and powerful allies within your workplace is a sure fire way to reduce that feeling of alienation & even eliminate the bias in the first place.

So why does it matter?

Being LGBTQ+ at work can at times feel isolating, it can also be really difficult to understand who the right person to talk to is. This training will empower both LGBTQ+ and non-LGBTQ+ people to step up as allies, this includes advocating and supporting other colleagues, and handling challenging conversations.

Allies at work do more than just wear a pride flag, they’ll create a truly inclusive workplace which will support your LGBTQ+ colleagues to feel supported, content, included, and valued. This can lead to higher staff retention and also better customer facing work.

About our allyship packages

We have two different packages available for people to become LGBTQ+ allies that could help your colleagues step up and create an LGBTQ+ inclusive workplace.

Becoming an ally half day training

Private Sector: £900
Public, Third & Education: £750
Audience: Those with little LGBTQ+ knowledge.
Size: Up to 50 attendees

One of the most important tools in creating an LGBTQ+ inclusive culture is having allies who are able to step up and support LGBTQ+ people. In this session we’ll explore the knowledge required to understand the LGBTQ+ community, the different types of inclusivity, and the tools required to be an effective ally.

Becoming an ally half day crash course.

Private Sector: £1200
Public, Third & Education: £900
Audience: People with limited/no LGBTQ+ knowledge
Size: Up to 50 attendees

Learning: This workshop will give learners a solid understanding of LGBTQ+ language & terminology. We’ll explore why it’s so important that people step up as allies & have a look at what active allyship looks like.

Activities:This workshop has three activities within it. One which focuses on exploring how hard it can be to have a conversation in a workplace without an inclusive culture. The second explores appropriate ways of being an ally. The third encourages learners to create an action plan.

Not quite what you’re looking for? We have over 30 different training packages & workshops available to view by clicking here.

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