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Author: Oscar Hoyle

We developed this training because our members tell us that most workplace have significant room to grow to create sustainable and inclusive cultures. There is a huge pool of LGBTQ+ people who are ravenous for positive change and are ready to create a future where LGBTQ+ people are equal in every aspect of their lives.

We also know that those who experience workplaces first hand are often those best placed to identify the needed areas of change. Our goal is to give diverse and marginalised people the knowledge and skills learnt by some of the leading change-makers in the UK to advocate for effective workplace change.

In a recent Blogpost by Deloitte they talk about the future of workforces tapping into diverse people. We certainly agree but want to see the processes in place to empower those stepping into the workplace to really thrive.

This course is designed with all marginalised people in mind, not just LGBTQ+ people, although we do draw from examples of our work in the LGBTQ+ sector to give practical examples.


Course name: Workplace Change Makers
Description: We’ve used our teams collaborative experience of over 50 years in LGBTQ+ change making to develop a workplace appropriate programme designed to empower colleagues at all levels to make change. The programme consists of the following agenda (full day) or individual sessions

What is a change maker
In this section, we will identify the basics of making change for marginalised people, and how change-making might look at work. 

What are Personal Values
Determining your values is a great way to support you when you have to make tough decisions at work, in life, and on your change-making journey. Deciding how your future actions can meet your personal values helps you hold your head up high, even in difficult circumstances.

Power, Privilege, & Intersectionality 
We are all multi-faceted, just because we face a level of marginalisation in one area doesn’t mean we are marginalised in all areas of our life. In this section, we explore who we are as a whole, what aspects of our identity give us power, and how we can use those to create better circumstances for all. 

Active listening
Here we look at active listening and what it means to truly listen. We do this because it’s important that when (and before) we create change we understand how it impacts those around us. It also helps us to deal with objections or barriers. 

Difficult questions
Here we look at how you can use the bridging technique to take a difficult question and create a positive opportunity to share information. This can be particularly helpful for those in sales roles also. 

Business Cases
Business cases are how you put information across to other people and advocate for change.


Despite it being vital that your workplace have inclusive processes and systems, it’s also vitally important that the marginalised people in your workplace are empowered to make change. This means your workplace operates in a way that is inclusive of the specific needs of your employees and quickly adapts to the rapidly changing needs of its employees.

Beyond that, being able to make change in your workplace is a primary way to create a culture that’s inclusive and support with the retention of staff at all levels.

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