Businesses are struggling to

RETAIN and Motivate Gen-Z!

With over a quarter of the Gen-Z population identifying within the LGBTQIA+ community, we're well equipped to guide you through the change required to attract, retain, and motivate the newest generation of your workforce.

We asked a room of 50 LGBTQIA+ university students to raise their hands if they felt would feel safe coming being open about their LGBTQIA+ identity once they start work.

Not a single student did.

How We Can Help You

Since 2019, Blossom LGBT has been dedicated to providing hands-on support for LGBTQIA+ young adults aged 16 to 30. Our mission extends beyond assistance; we guide them through every facet of their transition into adulthood, including their first and subsequent employment experiences. This unique vantage point grants us invaluable insights into their specific needs. Gen-Zers are navigating career paths with remarkable agility. However, the statistics reveal a concerning trend: on average, they leave jobs within a mere 12 months. For LGBTQIA+ Gen-Z individuals, this tenure is even shorter—just 6 months. The rapid turnover rate is felt across businesses nationwide, and it’s creating a palpable skills gap. Employers are awakening to the reality that swift departures have negative impacts on their bottom line.


At Blossom LGBT, we don’t rely on guesswork or political ideology to create business guidance. Instead, we anchor our guidance in rigorous research and real-world results. Annually, we collaborate closely with our service users and multiple reputable research institutes to paint a clear picture of what truly works. Our approach is grounded in science, informed by market research, and geared toward tangible business outcomes. Our goal is to create systemic change in the workplace that builds a skilled workforce for your business and sustainable and healthy careers for our young adults.

Hear from our CEO

Oscar Hoyle, Blossom LGBT CEO, is our lead consultant and is heavily involved in the development of guidance and training content. Oscar explains the approach we take, how we ensure quality, and what you can expect when working with Blossom LGBT.

You can reach out to Oscar Directly by emailing

LGBT Inclusion Training & Consultancy Partners

Some of the amazing people we’ve had the pleasure of working with! 

What makes us different

What sets our training and consultancy packages apart? We’re not just following the trends; we’re pioneering them. At Blossom LGBT, we give centre stage to the voices of the LGBT+ young adults we collaborate with. Through compensated and incentivised consultations with the vibrant LGBTQ+ community that we support, we craft workplace guidance and training that isn’t just another checkbox – it’s a game-changer.

Our approach is as unique as it is effective. By directly engaging with LGBTQ+ individuals, we ensure our services resonate on a profound level. Your business won’t just adapt; it will thrive, attracting and nurturing the finest LGBTQ+ talents out there. Say goodbye to the ordinary and embrace a new era of inclusivity and success, guided by the very people who inspire it. It’s time to step into the future of workplace excellence.
We stand out not just for what we do, but for how we approach it. We know that working with LGBTQ+ individuals can sometimes evoke apprehensions or concerns. It’s completely natural. In fact, we’ve heard from countless business leaders who confide in us about their worries – worries stemming from a lack of knowledge or a fear of unintentionally saying the wrong thing. These concerns can hold back even the most well-intentioned efforts to foster inclusive cultures.

Our promise? We create a safe haven for learning and growth. We’re here to assure you that it’s okay to stumble and make mistakes, because that’s where real understanding begins. Our environment is built on empathy and education, so you can rest assured that we’re by your side, ready to help you navigate the journey to inclusivity – even if it means occasionally tripping over words. We’re here to guide, support, and ensure you’re equipped to get it right. Let’s work together to pave the way for a brighter, more inclusive future.


What’s the point in spending money on a membership with benefits you don’t use?Our basic membership gets you started with a dedicated consultant, a company wide inclusion assessment, a 12 month action plan, an exclusive Blossom workplace logo, and you can add as many bolt ons as you wish!

Annual Partnerships

Sometimes working out whats next, or even where to start, with LGBTQ+ inclusion can feel really complicated and sometimes you have to deal with inclusion before you’re quite ready. We build annual partnerships based off of your needs. We recommend starting with an overall LGBTQ+ inclusion assessment before working out what you’d like to focus on and how we can best support you.

Workplace Training

Looking for a targeted solution for a knowledge or skill gap you’ve already identified? Perhaps you are you tired of feeling unsure about how to make LGBTQ+ people more included or want to learn about the importance of using correct pronouns? Our LGBT training centre can help. We help businesses to increase their teams knowledge and confidence in LGBTQ+ inclusion, leading to better workplaces! 

For Educators

We know that supporting the future generation of LGBTQ+ young adults comes with unique challenges and require a particularly sensitive touch. From supporting educators to develop sensitive & age appropriate PSHE, through to supporting teachers to advocate for their pupils, we can help with bespoke solutions at subsidised rates based on institutional specifics.


Sow Package
Starts from £1000
Priced on a size & sector scale.

Sow the seeds of meaningful change by creating the foundation in which inclusivity can thrive. We’ll help you to ensure your policies, processes, and people are inclusive and heard.

This can include:

  • Policy Review
  • Induction training review
  • Culture Audit, feedback report & action plan.


Grow Package
Starts from £3000
Priced on a size & sector scale.
Develop a more inclusive environment and awareness through annual training and conversations plans. Help staff, regardless of their stance come along on your journey. This can include:
  • Workshops
  • Webinars
  • Comms plans
  • Panels
  • Verbal Guidance
  • CEO Breakfasts.


Bloom Package
Starts from £5000
Priced on a size & sector scale.

Move from providing an inclusive environment to one in which young LGBT adults can truly thrive and establish your organisation is an employer of choice.

This can include:

  • In-house  mentoring
  • Consultancy
  • Facilitated conversations
  • Bespoke guidance
  • Deep dives 
  • Brand alignment

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