Our Services For LGBT Young Adults.


Our mission is to empower young adults to thrive in their social and professional lives. We believe that every young adult has the potential to achieve the most amazing things when the barriers or discrimination & isolation are removed. You might not believe that yet, so let us prove it to you! 

Who Are Young Adults?

Any person from the age of 16 years old up until 30 years old, however, certain spaces we only offer to people aged and above in order to protect the safety and wellbeing of all people who access our services. Whilst we predominately support LGBTQ+ young adults, we do welcome allies.

Wellbeing & Social Spaces

For 18 to 25 year olds.
Our spaces provide a space to create community, learn wellbeing skills, have fun, and make meaningful connections.

Employability & Mentoring

For 16 to 30 year olds.
A mentoring, education, and internship programme empowering you to improve confidence and up-skill leading to longer lasting & meaningful employmennt.

Expression Focused Workshops

For 16 to 30 year olds.
Explore arts, community heritage, and identity in a fun and inclusive way! We partner with local creatives to bring you workshops to learn skills & get creative.


We prioritise delivering a comprehensive and empathetic approach to young adults who identify as lesbian, gay, bi, trans, non-binary, or any other queer identity. Our ethos revolves around creating a safe, inclusive, and affirming environment where you can explore your identity, access resources, and build meaningful connections. We want you to come to our services because they are fun, relevant, trendy, and most importantly enjoyable. 

Our Key operational pillars are to provide services that focus on social, upskilling, expression, and blossoming. 

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Access Checks

All of our regularly used venues undergo checks to ensure they are suitable for everyone. We ensure the venues are:
- Wheelchair Accessible
- Not too Loud
- Neutral Colours / Calming
- Have good bathroom access
Although our full checklist is over 15 points long! Our team are also more than happy to offer additional adjustments as required.

Service Safety

We know that we're at additional risk if things go wrong thats why for every service we run:
- We produce a full venue & delivery risk assessment.
- We ensure there is at least one lockable door between us and any public spaces.
- Our staff members have access to a charged phone at all times.
But we don't just stop there, we run over 20 checks for safety & inclusion in our venues.

Diversity & Inclusion

Being a not for profit doesn't automatically mean we don't need to focus on Diversity and Inclusion. We want all young adults to have access to our services. Thats why we:
- Have a annually updated D&I Strategy.
- Are working to train all our staff on anti-racism.
- Operate a zero tolerance approach to discrimination, bullying, and harassment.
Plus we're working hard to build upon our already impressive intersectional network of organisations who support different communities across Surrey.


We train all our staff & volunteers with the singular goal of empowering you in whichever way YOU see fit. We do not mind if you change your name every session, use different pronouns, need a moment to scream, or want to sit in complete silence.

Our goal is simply to empower you to be authentic and we'll do that however you want us to.

enquire about a group or workshop

If you’re worried about coming along for the first time then let us know and we’ll organise a member of our team to meet you ahead of the group for a quick coffee & to show you around the space. We’ll let you decide how you’d like us to introduce you to our other group members. 

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