In line with our mission to create queer spaces across South East England we provide high quality, fun, and most importantly free queer spaces. Ranging from coffee evenings through to workshops. We have exciting plans to expand so if we don’t currently run groups in your area, make sure you check back soon! 

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All of our groups go through accessibility checks to make sure everyone can access our services. We take a needs led approach to inclusion and you don't need an additional needs diagnosis for us to take you seriously.

We're focused on creating meaningful connections, that doesn't mean making everyone sit and talk, that means hosting fun and engaging activities that people want to be part of and naturally connect. We'll make sure to try and introduce you to other members who have similar interests.

Almost all of our team are volunteers, that means the people who run the sessions and that you engage with are there because they truly care about you and the community. You can rest assured that we want you in our spaces and care about your success.

All of our groups are offered completely free by standard so that money is never an issue! We do offer paid membership, and sell merchandise & tuck to try and cover some of our costs but you should never feel like you have to pay anything.



We take an intersectional approach to our work meaning that we actively consider the needs of LGBTQ+ people who experience multiple marganlisation (for example LGBTQ+ people with additional needs) or hold an under represented LGBTQ+ identity (such as trans or bi people). We do this through a number of policies and visions that we hold our team to as standard. You can also feed back to us at any time if you think we can do better!

WE ARE community led.

We made sure that when we built Blossom it would always be led by intersectional LGBTQ+ people. Our senior leadership team data backs up this commitment.
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enquire about a group or workshop

If you’re worried about coming along for the first time then let us know and we’ll organise a member of our team to meet you ahead of the group for a quick coffee & to show you around the space. We’ll let you decide how you’d like us to introduce you to our other group members. 

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