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Some background

Did you know that according to the most recent Government Census data people aged 18 to 25 years old are twice as likely to identify as LGBTQ? This means that even if you haven’t historically provided services to openly LGBTQ+ people, it’s vital you provide your staff training to ensure that they can in the future. It’s more and more likely that you will deliver services to LGBTQ+ people at some point! With that in mind, it’s important businesses and service providers start to prepare for delivering a service that is LGBTQ+ inclusive if they wish to ensure they capture & maintain the younger demographic of the population.

More and more studies are finding that workplaces that focus on Equality, Diversity and Inclusion are far more likely to attract a broader and more diverse audience. This also creates a happier workforce, drives innovation, and reduced staff turnover. We’ve found that EDI strategies that focus on specific identities and address the individual needs of those groups of people work best.

Why that matters

We’ve already explained that the UK population of LGBTQ+ people is growing with trends suggesting that every generation has more and more people identifying as LGBTQ. But LGBTQ+ people still make up less than 10% of the population proving that active steps to ensure they are considered is vitally important for addressing inequalities.

Most of us operate from a place of being passively inclusive, this means we value inclusion but don’t know (or don’t try) to create environments where people are included from the get go. This course is to get your colleagues thinking about how they can actively be inclusive. This matters because it shows LGBTQ+ people that they are considered from the very start of your journey making them more likely to purchase goods, return as a customer, and generally have a positive experience with your company.

Our course

Course Name: Delivering LGBTQ+ Inclusive Services
Course run time: 180 Minutes including Q&A
Price: £900 (£750 for public and third) for virtual delivery.
Description: With a growing number of people identifying as LGBTQ+ it’s vital that service providers, and businesses with external facing employees, know how to deliver an LGBTQ+ inclusive service. This course will start by setting the scene for LGBTQ+ people, in your sector and nationally. We’ll then focus on basic upskilling surrounding sexual orientation and gender identity. The course will then focus on creating inclusive environments including basic changes to sound inclusive, supporting people to manage dysphoria, and systematic methodologies to show your business as inclusive.

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