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Whats the sitch?!

Equality Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) has undoubtedly become a hot topic at work. However still, this work is sometimes mistaken as voluntary or considered as a passing trend by some businesses. This isn’t the case! More and more studies are finding that ED&I creates a happier workforce, drives innovation, and reduced staff turnover. We’ve found that EDI strategies that focus on specific identities and address the individual needs of those groups of people work best. That’s why we’ve developed a huge number of training packages centring around LGBTQ+ Inclusion. Check out McKinesy & Company’s blog “LGBTQ+ Inclusion in the Workplace” to read more about LGBTQ+ specific workplace issues.

Why it matters

Every person wants to work in a workplace that actively considers and creates an inclusive workplace, and in the same breath, so many people are worried about talking to LGBTQ+ people incase they say the wrong thing. We built this session after realising that consistently evolving language is a barrier to honest & authentic communication.


Most days we hear people express frustration or confusion on the use of pronouns. We also hear the often misconception that we want “100’s of genders”. Both come from a misconception around language used to describe identity variants which we’ll address in this course!

About the course

Course Name: Intro to LGBTQ+
Course run time: 150 Minutes plus Q&A
Price: £900 (£750 for public and third) for virtual delivery.
Description: Words have power and the way we use them can determine if a person feels valued and included in a workplace. This course focuses on the language, terminology, and theory behind a number of LGBTQ+ identities including a focus on sexual orientation, gender identity, and umbrella terms. We’ll also look at the current situation for LGBTQ+ people including how they experience work, day-to-day life, and in the media.

Not what you need?

We have a number of additional training packages including more advanced courses, shorter courses, and courses aimed at empowering LGBTQ+ people. Check all of our workplace training packages by clicking here.

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