Statement: Trans people are safe at blossom.

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Author: Oscar Hoyle

Blossom LGBT CIC is appalled by the recent comments made during the Conservative Conference by the UK Government that undermine the rights and dignity of trans and non-binary individuals. The silence of the opposition speaks just as loud. We feel compelled to address these comments and reiterate our unwavering commitment to trans inclusivity.


It is with deep concern and disappointment that we witness the ongoing stigmatisation and discrimination faced by trans people, particularly those from multiple marginalised communities, including people of colour. The saddening remarks directed at LGBTQ+ asylum seekers only compound the challenges that trans individuals face daily. We condemn such rhetoric in the strongest possible terms.


Politicians hold a profound responsibility for the impact of their words, knowing full well the influence they wield over public perception and unity. Purposefully crafted comments designed to further ostracise and divide a demographic that comprises less than 0.5% of the population are not only reckless but also deeply harmful and malicious. Such divisive rhetoric not only fosters discrimination but perpetuates a climate of hostility that erodes the principles of equality and social harmony that a modern and functional society should uphold. It is imperative that those in positions of power recognise the consequences of their words and work diligently to foster inclusivity, respect, and empathy for all, irrespective of gender identity or any other characteristic that defines our diverse and vibrant community.


At Blossom LGBT CIC, our commitment to trans inclusion goes beyond statements. We have taken concrete actions to ensure that trans and non-binary individuals are at the heart of our organisation’s mission. We wish to make it abundantly clear that our stance on trans inclusivity is steadfast, and we are resolute in our efforts to create an environment where all individuals, regardless of their gender identity, feel safe, valued, and empowered.


Our initiatives and actions to promote trans inclusion include:


1. Enforced Anti-Discrimination Policy: We have a robust and strictly enforced anti-discrimination policy in place which applies to all stakeholders at every level. The policy ensures all individuals, regardless of their gender identity, are treated with respect and dignity within our service delivery and daily work.


2. Representation: We have representation of trans people at all levels of our organisation, including in key decision making roles, at a level significantly higher than IPSOS & UK Census reports. We recognise the importance of representation in fostering a truly inclusive environment and know that to truly lead in trans inclusion, that we need to have trans voices within our work. 


3. Board Representation: We actively promote the representation of transgender and non-binary individuals within our board of directors. This ensures that diverse perspectives are integrated into our decision-making processes. We are active in ensuring we always have trans and non-binary representation within board level. 


4. Ongoing Work: We are committed to continuous improvement. We are actively engaged in developing and implementing systematic Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) strategies that aim to strengthen our trans inclusion efforts even further. We understand that progress is an ongoing journey, and we are dedicated to making meaningful changes.


As our CEO, Oscar Hoyle, often says, “We believe in a world where no person should be held back due to the very real fear of discrimination. We work hard to empower LGBTQ+ young adults across all of our work and it should always go without saying that this includes trans and non-binary people. We are, from the top of the tree down to the roots, fierce allies to the entire trans and non-binary community. Our work is now and will always be 100% trans inclusive in every aspect. “


We believe that all political parties, not just those currently in office, need to told that we expect better from our elected parties. You can write to your local Councillor, MP, or MLA by using the writetothem website clicking here.


Struggling to cope? 

  • You can contact MindOut on their website
  • You can contact Switchboard LGBT on their website
  • You can contact Samaritans 24/7 on 116 123. 

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