We know workplaces that take steps to ensure their employees have equitable outcomes see better retention and higher quality work output. Our goal is for businesses, regardless of size, to be able to provide an equal, diverse and inclusive environment for all involved in their work including employees, service users, and customers.

We believe that equality, diversity, and inclusion services should be as unique as you are. Studies show that focusing on key D&I strands, rather than taking a general approach, creates better outcomes for employees with those characteristics. That’s why we offer bespoke consultancy, guidance, and fulfilment for LGBTQ+ equality as part of a membership scheme. Your membership outlines the time you have access to us, but not how you use that time.

Blossom LGBT CIC can provide experts who are trained to support you achieve industry-leading inclusion work with knowledge and guidance created through consultation with intersectional activists across a broad spectrum of identities. From one-off training engagements to tailored ongoing support. We do it all. At Blossom LGBT CIC we are proud to offer guidance and support that can work for organisations regardless of their current location on the equality, diversity, and inclusion journey. We work with change makers, employees, and service users across a range of industries to develop an expert understanding of what diverse people need to truly flourish.

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