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5 Oct

Supporting trans loved ones & colleagues: 5 kind ways to check in.

Supporting trans loved ones is crucial in the current tough political climate we find ourselves in. Here's five ways you can kick off a conversation to check in.


15 Mar

Shared Experiences: Being a Corporate Queer

Shared Experiences: Being a Corporate Queer Reading Time: 5-10 Mins Category: Blog | Workplace Author: Sarah Curtis Being the only queer in the office can be a daunting prospect. You are forced to navigate suit and tie, “kind regards”, office conduct as a queer freak, with probably weird hair and potentially, a secret to keep. […]


13 Mar

Neurodiversity Celebration Week

Today marks the start of Neurodiversity celebration week and as a neurodiverse person myself, I figured it’s time for a new blog post!


6 Mar

A War on Drag?

Are we really seeing a war on drag or are we seeing a recyled attach on LGBTQ+ people using the same narratives we've heard before?


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