Change for the future generation of LGBTQIA employees

Date: 24th Nov
Time: 14:00 - 16:00

Join our free webinar exploring LGBTQIA+ early stage careers.

On the 24th November from 14:00 we’ll be exploring the systematic and interpersonal barriers many Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Trans, and Intersex (and more!) face when trying to find long lasting meaningful work. We’ll host three fascinating talks from our expert staff plus a panel welcoming industry leading queer voices.

About this event

This digital event is designed for professionals working with HR, Recruitment, Diversity and Inclusion, along with LGBTQIA+ young adults and supporters. We’re excited to use this space to introduce our brand new scheme “Blossom in the Workplace” where we’ll be offering one to one mentoring, workshops, classes, and far more. Our research found that only 1 in 5 LGBTQIA+ young adults are able to find a full time job where they’re open about their identity, we’re on a mission to change this by working both in business and with LGBTQIA+ young adults. During this event, we will explore various topics ranging from the importance of employability, the challenges to building skills, and the system of which the future generation work within. We have also invited renowned industry experts and LGBTQIA advocates who will share their experiences and insights in a show stopping panel conversation.

Whether you identify as LGBTQIA or are an ally, this event is open to everyone who wishes to contribute to a more equitable future for Gen-Z’s who are approaching the world of work for the first time. Don’t miss this opportunity to understand the unique barriers faced by them and how we can all work to create change that really works.

About Your Hosts

This event is hosted by Blossom LGBT CIC and is made possible due to the support of the National Lottery Community Fund who are sponsoring our two year pilot of our LGBTQIA+ Upskilling and Employability Scheme. Blossom began in 2019 being run from the living rooms of inspired volunteers who wanted to change the way young LGBTQ+ people connected. Quickly we discovered the huge need for supportive spaces for LGBTQ+ young adults.

By 2021 Blossom made a name for itself as a progressive and forward-thinking community-led organisation and has grown significantly since, empowering over 150 LGBTQIA+ young adults to thrive every year.  Before working with Blossom our members tell us that they felt confused, isolated, and withdrawn. We make sure that they blossom… into authentic, knowledgeable & confident people. This allows our members to find true happiness and gives them the power to build sturdy careers, meaningful relationships, and pride in who they are.

This specific event wil be hosted by:
Oscar Hoyle (They/Them): Since founding Blossom LGBT CIC in 2019 Oscar has gone on to become the full time CEO of the organisation whilst also working to further LGBTQIA+ inclusion through their work at Trans in the City & through supporting countless grassroots causes.


Steph ElHaddad (He/Him): Steph has become the first project manager for our mentoring & employability scheme and joins us after years of successful feminist & lgbtqia+ change making across the middle east. 


Jem Epstein (He/Him): Jem is an experienced facilitator joining the Blossom LGBT CIC from a performing arts and vocal coaching background.  

About Our Panel

We’re excited to welcome an industry leading panel of experts to close off our workshop with a conversation around how businesses can better attract, support, and retain LGBTQIA+ early years talent. 


Asha Harkness (She/Her): “I’m originally from a small (very white) village in Suffolk, UK. I’ve faced a lot of discrimination and exclusion throughout my life and career and have battled anxiety and depression to become a self-accepting and proud queer, Brown woman. I’m extremely curious… My life is exciting when I am learning about experiences of people from marginalised communities or stories not usually heard. I’m often found listening, reading, watching and speaking with passion about anything that diverts from the mainstream.Based on my experiences, which sadly aren’t unique, I created Indigo Inclusion to support real, sustainable change within organisations. So everyone can thrive in the workplace. Especially those who’ve been consistently marginalised. “


Victoria Rowland (She/Her): Victoria started out her career as ‘right-hand person’ to Senior Leaders in Finance and Tech, but found her calling in Early Careers in early 2020. Proven track record working with Board, C-Suite and senior leaders in the Technology, Financial Services and Pharmaceutical industries. Confident, resourceful and able to demonstrate excellent interpersonal, strategic and communication skills. Seeking diversity and people management are key strengths. She’s gone on to be recognised as a “Top Ten Business Ally” through the 2022 British LGBT Awards & was named a finalist in 2019 for the Sage Global Diversity and Inclusion awards for ‘Inspirational Woman of the Year’.”


Stonewall UK: We’ll be welcoming a representative of the largest global LGBTQ+ Charity, Stonewall! 

Our Amazing Supporters

The National Lottery Community Fund

The National Lottery Community Fund, legally named the Big Lottery Fund, is a non-departmental public body responsible for distributing funds raised by the National Lottery for "good causes". Since 2004 it has awarded over £9 billion to more than 130,000 projects in the UK. The National Lottery has kindly contributed over £180,000 to our two year pilot scheme.

New House Art Space

New House Art Space is a new creative hub in the heart of Guildford where like-minded individuals, groups and organisations can share spaces and ideas. Boasting a stunning, light, and comfortable art gallery and numerous studios along with a coffee house offering delicious food and drink. New House Art Space pledged to contribute up to £20,000 of in-kind support during the two year pilot of our scheme.

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