Support for parents and carers of LGBTQ+ people.

We support any person acting as a guardian for LGBTQ+ young adults. Our area of expertise are in young adults aged 16 to 30 although we will support parents of younger children where we can. This service is now being offered in replacement of our previous parent and carer group which is no longer operational. 



We take a completely non-judgemental approach to working with you on this scheme. We will listen to your concerns, worries, and frustrations and help you to explore the reasons behind them using coaching and mentoring frameworks. We will never judge you for your feelings or emotions. 

parents and carer mentoring service being provided.


We use our extensive network of third sector organisations to help point you in the right direction of organisations who can best support you or child depending on the specific circumstances and needs of both parties.


Whilst we will never directly tell you how to support a young person, we’ll share our experiences and learning from both supporting LGBTQ+ young adults and our own lived experience to allow you to make informed decisions on how you could best support your LGBTQ+ young parents.


We’ll share resources that we’ve built up through years of supporting LGBTQ+ young adults, plus our teams extensive background in various roles, to help you achieve the best outcomes.


Under 25's are twice as likely to identify within the LGBTQ+ community than people older than them.

Over 71% of the British public say they would be supportive if their child came out as LGBT.

1 in 8 LGBTQ+ young people aged under 25 attempt to end their own lives.

Getting Involved

Parents, Carers & Guardians

Waiting List
We are currently extending an invitation to individuals to join our waiting list for support. To get started, kindly reach out to us at We’re making our utmost effort to assist people promptly, however despite our best efforts, we have not yet secured grant funding to cover the expenses associated with staffing and resources. As a result, our dedicated leadership team is currently overseeing this initiative outside of their regular working hours, along with the help of volunteer mentors.


Programme Cost Details
We extend an initial offer of two complimentary video calls, each lasting up to 60 minutes. After these initial conversations, we will engage in an open discussion to explore the possibility of your participation in contributing to the programme’s costs, either financially or through in-kind support, such as aiding with administrative tasks, fundraising, or sharing other skills. Should contributing not be feasible for you, rest assured that our support service remains available. However, its scope may be influenced by the collective contributions of others aimed at covering costs.



Please note; This scheme is NOT in anyway intended as a counselling or therapeutic service.

Partners & Volunteers

We are on the look out for businesses and other not for profits who would be interested in joining the scheme either as a partner or a sponsor. We are also looking for volunteers who are interested in joining us as mentors, to develop the scheme, or support in another way. You should email Oscar@Blossom.LGBT to express your interest in being involved. 

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