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27 Mar

Stepping up as an authentic queer leader

Leadership might feel a long way off, but perhaps leadership is far more than titles & something we can all role model.


20 Nov

Trans Day of Remembrance: Honouring, Acknowledging, Changing

Transgender Day of Remembrance: Honouring Lives, Acknowledging Challenges, and Promoting Change Reading Time: 5-10 Mins Category: Trans Author: Steph (He/Him) In the tapestry of annual commemorations, Transgender Day of Remembrance (TDOR) stands as a poignant and necessary thread, weaving through the calendar on the 20th of November each year.   This solemn occasion transcends the ordinary: […]


5 May

A Quaint, Chronically Online Cottage where Sapphics Reside

Cottagecore is an aesthetic which centres around earthly sapphic women residing together in a romantic rural cottage setting; reaping the benefits of a self-sufficient agricultural life; out of the grasp of patriarchal capitalism.


21 Mar

Shared Experiences: Queer Joy

SHARED EXPERIENCES: QUEER JOY Reading Time: 5-10 Mins Category: Blog Author: Rachel Salmon (She/They)I am writing this in March 2023, two weeks after LGBTQ+ history month ended in the UK, many corporations and large organisations removed their rainbow logos, pledges and social media posts (if they bothered in the first place) and normal life resumed. […]


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